5 Things You Need For Your First Apartment

Things you will need for your first apartment:

Anchorage Apartments September 2018 Development Update

A bed frame and a mattress, fridge, clothing, and in some cases a washing machine are dryer… these are all obvious essentials that you will need when moving into your first apartment. However there are a few other essentials that you will require, that no one will tell you about. You actually won’t realise you need them until you are in the thick of moving and find yourself reaching for them… so if you are on the verge of moving for the first time, I recommend you get out a pen and paper or your phone and be prepared to start taking notes.

Toilet Paper!

Now this is a massive one! I would recommend putting a role in your handbag, your car or anywhere that is going to be quick and convenient to grab on the go for when nature calls. Often new homes and apartments won’t have any left behind from the previous tenants and if you are planning on living alone, this can quite literally become a sticky situation! 

A toilet brush won’t go a stray either… the last thing you want is to invite guests over into your brand new apartment and have them frantically searching for a toilet brush.


Amongst the excitement of furniture and interior decor shopping, cutlery can often be forgotten about. Don’t feel silly, as these items are always hidden away out of sight and again, until you are ready to sit down and enjoy a meal, you won’t realise what you’re missing.

Extension Cords & Double Adapters

It’s a great idea to have a few double adapters and extension cords ready for when it comes to organising the interior of your new apartment. Lamps, phone chargers, computers… these all require power points and often there aren’t enough built into the home.

Extra Keys

Moving out and moving into a new home is stressful enough. You will thank yourself for getting extra keys cut ahead of time in the case of an accidental lock out!

Bed Sheets

You’ve checked off the purchase of a bed, but have you remembered the bed sheets? You want the first night in your new home to be rewarding, so add bed sheets and a comforter or Doona to your list of things to buy.

Another little tip that I will leave you with is to have your utilities organised a few days before moving. You don’t want the big moving day to arrive just to find out that you have to wait to have your electricity turned on, especially if you live in a really hot or cold climate!

Your first apartment bedding
Photo from the Anchorage Display Apartment, taken by Tanika Blair

So when moving into your first apartment, apart from all of your furniture essentials and the items listed above, as long as you have a cupboard and fridge full of food, some towels for your shower and enough blankets to keep you warm, then we would like to congratulate you on your new home and wish you the best of luck.


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