Tips for Styling Your Apartment Living Room

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Whether you are moving into your first home, living with friends or downsizing from a house and looking to update your interior style, we have listed our top 5 tips for styling your apartment living room.


When styling your apartment living room, first things first. You have to know how much you want to spend on furnishing and styling your new space. Finding inspiration on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram is great but you don’t want to get too excited and carried away with choosing furniture that is either impractical or too expensive.

Select a theme

Location of your home may have some impact of the theme you select for example; if you live by the sea a coastal interior is a popular theme selection. However in saying that you do not have to do an entire theme based on the coastal style, but incorporate a few popular décor items to give it a slight coastal feel.

Styling Your Apartment Living Room

Downsizers coming from family home in particular may grab the opportunity to redo their entire interior style marking the start of a new chapter in their lives.

If you don’t consider yourself an interior stylist, you may want to engage an interior designer to help you with the transition. Interior Designers are experts in knowing what items will and won’t work together. They may even be able to recommend what items to keep from your current interior and what to let go of to suit the style of your new home. They will be able to gage your style and work with you to create a home suitable to the style and theme you are wanting.

Make sure it fits!

A lot of people make the mistake of purchasing furniture without knowing the measurements of their new home and not taking into account the size of the furniture they want to take with them.

A great tip is to request a floor plan from the owners or building developers and plan out the space with all of the space and furniture measurements.

Anchorage Apartment Floor Plan Hope Island
Floor Plan Example. View them all here.

Practical & Functional

As much as you want to have the perfectly styled living space, keep in mind it has to be practical and functional to suit yourself and your family.

If you have frequent visitors, you may want to consider a sofa with a pull out bed.

If you have young children, make sure you select a sofa with either fabric or leather protection.

If you have a family of four, make sure there will be enough seating for you all to sit COMFORTABLY in the living room without anyone having to sit on the floor.

Big items first

When moving into a new home, move all of you bigger furniture in first before you style with furniture that you don’t necessarily need such as side tables and coffee tables. That way you don’t waste your time and money moving in furniture that just won’t fit.

So when it comes to styling your apartment living room, make sure you have a well thought out plan to avoid any major mistakes when it comes to moving in.



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