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When you make the big move from house to apartment style living then chances are you’re looking for ways to maximise your new home. We have come up with a few simple tips and tricks to enhance your apartment and give the illusion of more space. All thats left to do is read on and get started.

Work with a neutral colour palette

Dark colours tend to absorb light, making a room look smaller. Choose soft tones of off-white or subtle shades of blue and green. Keep in mind that brighter rooms bring the illusion of more light and will look bigger and more appealing. To enhance the space further it can pay off to paint your wall trim and moldings in a lighter colour than your walls.

Choose statement pieces

When choosing furniture opt for larger pieces and always apply the less is more theory. Work with bold pieces that stand out and look for multi use furniture rather than crowding the space with too many smaller items. Clutter creates a busy room and will take away from the illusion of roominess that you’re trying to achieve.

Use rugs to define space

Rugs can be used to define and create a divide between areas. You can give the illusion of multiple rooms or zones within the same space by using a rug as an outline of a specific location.

Make Your Apartment look and feel bigger
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Take advantage of your view

If you’re lucking enough to have beautiful views from your apartment, you can use them to your advantage. When placing your furniture you should face it towards the window or balcony. The outside space then becomes an extension of your apartment and will increase the perception of the room’s size.

Be strategic with mirrors

You can reflect natural light and make a room feel larger by placing a mirror across from a window. You can also play around with full length mirrors to make any space in your apartment feel taller. Anything that draws the eye upward will make a room look and feel larger well as lighter and brighter. Try placing them behind a grouping of furniture or out on their own.

Make your apartment look and feel bigger with mirrors
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Place your furniture away from the wall

Having your furniture pushed right up against the wall can make a room feel small and look cramped. Placing some furniture away from the walls can create the illusion of extra space in your apartment. You don’t have to go to extremes, even just a few centimetres out from the wall can immediately create the feeling of more room to move.

Use shelving to your advantage

Shelving can give your room or apartment an added sense of scale and height. You can also take advantage of the additional storage space. Try using a combination of open and closed shelving to continually attract the eye upwards and lengthen the area. Use minimal items to decorate or even leave some spots empty so you don’t clutter up the space and ruin the effect you’re trying to achieve.


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