Low impact activities to kickstart your physical health


Living by the water tends to draw you into the beautiful outdoors and give you an extra spark for life. It’s a great excuse to get active and start your journey to a healthy body and a healthy mind. There are plenty of easy low impact activities right at your backdoor here at Anchorage Apartments. These forms of exercise are great for building up strength and muscle as well as endurance, without putting stress on your body and joints. Why not try a few of our suggestions to get your body moving.


Walking is a great form of exercise to clear your mind and make peace with any pesky stressful thoughts you might be having. Walking is a weight bearing exercise as you’re carrying your own body weight with each step you take. Walking can help you manage conditions such as joint or muscular pain, high blood pressure and even diabetes. It can help you to create stronger bones and even improve your balance. Walking everyday will gradually reduce your body fat and improve your overall physical and mental health.


Swimming can be a fun way to stay cool and keep fit this summer. It can also be a great way to meet new people. Our amazing pool is open everyday for you to use at your leisure or jump in the ocean and wash your worries away. Its something you can do at any age or stage in your life and has an array of health benefits. Swimming is a full body workout that puts all your muscle to use without putting unnecessary strain on your body. Its a great activity to get your heart racing as you glide through the water and can help you maintain a healthy weight, heart and lungs whilst slowly building up muscle and endurance over time. 

Low impact activities to kickstart your physical health


Taking up cycling is not only a great way to boost your mood and confidence but it can also double as an alternate form of transport for the health or environmentally conscious. You can join a group or ride solo whilst releasing adrenalin and endorphins as you take in the beautiful scenery. Cycling will increase the mobility of your joints and decrease your stress levels. Studies have shown that just 30min of physical activity per day will improve sleep, decrease body fat and aid in the prevention of diseases.


Yoga is the perfect addition to your low impact fitness routine. It can calm nerves and clear your mind whilst increasing your flexibility and overall energy levels. Make lifelong friends when you join in on one of our classes at Anchorage, suitable for beginner levels to expert yogis alike. It can assist in reducing and maintaining pain levels, build muscle strength without putting too much pressure on joints and improve your posture. Become more relaxed and at ease in your day to day life as you breathe your way through stretches and poses sure to increase your blood flow and leave you with a new taste for life.


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